about me!

My name is Hailey, and this is my new blog (in lieu of Instagram)! I like making music, video games, houseplants, art and design! I also like anything adorable and I currently have an affinity for Skelanimals and Sanrio. is my favorite. I love listening to music, and other types of electronic music. My favorite artist at the moment is Rory in Early 20's.

If you are one of my future employers, and by chance come across my website, hi! I am able to read and code HTML, so if you are in need of a web designer who can read and edit basic code, contact me here!


I've decided to ditch my personal social media pages in favor of posting on Neocites starting in 2023 because I dislike the lack of customization options on modern social media so much. I miss when social media was more customizable and not at the mercy of overwhelming algorithms. I also love the old internet, and honestly?

I wanted to start fresh this upcoming year with my social media presence and try something completely different!

At some point along the line during the development of my website, I will definitely include some kind of comments section and/or guestbook. I will also still use Instagram to answer direct messages, so if you want to contact me, click here!