This is my web material collection/sozai. It includes backgrounds, button templates, DIV boxes, navigation menus and more!


NONE of these images are mine. I did not make them, or claim them as my own unless otherwise stated. I may make my own sozai graphics later on if I have the time!

These materials are to be used for personal use ONLY. They may NOT be used for commercial use, and you may not claim them as "yours". All credit goes to the creators who made these beautiful graphics a VERY long time ago.

Do not tamper with, alter, or edit these images. It is disrespectful to the artists and is plagarism.

If I find that ANY of these rules are broken, I will not hesitate to report anyone who breaks these rules to Neocities and make sure their account is permanently deleted. Additionally, I will also block whomever breaks these rules.

If you agree to these terms,

proceed forward