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February 23, 2023

On our last date, I drew a picture of my boyfriend :)

He was pretty flattered by the fact that I wanted to draw him :) He knew what he was getting into though when he chose to date an artist sooo...

Maybe I'll draw him as a humanoid dragon from a magic the gathering card or maybe as a DnD class? We'll see.

I'm so excited that I finally have time to illustrate portraits again, which was previously taken up by my freelance gig. The opprotunity itself was great though and taught me a lot!

Here's a sneak-peek drawing for the whole series!

It's a farmer gardening in the sunrise and waiting on the rest of the garden outside of the dandelions to bloom. The drawing series itself is based off of James in the Bible, and they will be published into a book! Updates regarding the book will be published on my Linkedin.

January 8, 2023

Brenda and I took pictures in a mall photobooth when we had boba tea. Feels nostalgic

January 4, 2023

Really liked my outfit from the other day that I wore with my new Skelanimals t-shirt I got recently! It's been snowy outside since last week, and since the only snowboots I have are either hot pink or pastel pink, I've had to get creative with my outfits considering the limited color choices haha XD

January 1, 2023

One of my favorite pictures I took in 2022. I took it with my Nikon camera and this moment is priceless.

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! I'm excited to have this fresh start in terms of how I use the Internet. I'm excited to use modern social media less and go back to simpler times where posts were more authentic and less airbrushed (blogging pretty much). I honestly miss the times where we didn't have the ability to post about our lives instantly and just took pictures for funsies and lived more in the moment. I don't know if I honestly jive with the idea of Snapchat/Instagram stories, or even BeReal, which has gained popularity recently because even that feels fake.

Modern social media is too much, too overwhelming, and too invasive. I dislike the inability to be able to customize your profile and be stuck with questionable UI design that changes constantly to the point where it's unusable for anyone older than 30. At least HTML is straightforward and barely ever changes. I've personally observed the changes over the years while learning more about web design, and it hasn't changed at all whatsoever, which is really nice. Maybe I just feel picky like this because I have the mind of a designer. Or maybe more people than I think view this how I do, but feel hesitant to speak up about this.

I dislike the fact that all social media apps are trying to compete with each other by trying to smash every other competitor into one app. It's just too much for me personally. And the algorithms that don't display posts in order and all of the unneccesary advertisements? No thank you.

I am all for advertising/PR to some degree, but the amount it has ramped up is becoming a bit excessive. You can't even get through 15 minutes of a Youtube video without being bombarded with unwanted ads you can't skip. I noticed this on Christmas morning when my dad put on a calming video of a fireplace, and the second the mood was set, it got ruined by obnoxious advertisements. Multiple times. Not to even mention Snapchat. The fact that you can't even watch 30 full seconds of one of the tabloid video stories that suck you in without the video getting interrupted mid-sentence for 2-second Ulta advertisement is ridiculous. Maybe I'll delete that too. It's getting so irritating to the point where I don't want to use it anymore.

On a similar note to downsides of modern society, I miss when buying and owning your own music was more popular before streaming services took over. While it's nice to be able to listen to a ton of music for a lot less money, you also lose the ability to keep it and basically don't own it. It's basically renting music, and if it's gone, it's gone and bam, money gone. I have the temptation to buy an iPod, quit Apple Music, and just start doing it old-school again, at least for some of it. It's probabaly a safer alternative when driving anyway to plug in an iPod than having your cellphone by you and potentially getting distracted. If I can find one that's under $50, great. Maybe I'll start doing that again someday, even if it's slightly more inconvenient. Plus a smartphone is way too bulky to just be used as an on-the-go music player. We'll see.

This looks funner to use for music than a bulky phone anyways.

Anyways, this is just going to be my primary way of updating my family and friends about my life, at least for now and in the near future. I just want to try this out and see how I feel about it.